Detailed Description

Our Enterprise Review System is designed to facilitate an intuitive and efficient review for projects of any size, creating production sets for litigation, audits and investigations in multiple formats.

With minimal training, our web-based interface allows users to be up and running within minutes, searching and managing files without plug-ins. iDiscovery offers customizable tagging capabilities which can be performed on a single document, groups of documents or in bulk across entire search result sets. Our platform has many advanced search options using multiple categories including keywords, scope, identifier, file, email, abstract, privilege. Keyword searching provides a number of flexible filter options as well.

Users can take advantage of reviewing and producing files in TIFF, native, and PDF formats. These produced images can be endorsed with bates numbering as well as redacted sections. This iDiscovery platform can also produce and export load files in formats to support a number of other E-Discovery systems for your convenience.