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Computer forensic services are just one phone call away.

Digital evidence plays a critical role in the threat management life cycle, from corporate security incidents to high-stakes litigation. Lawyers and security managers are turning to computer forensics professionals to solve a growing range of evidentiary and investigative challenges. Utilizing our expertise in cutting edge technology & techniques, CFP is capable of handling any size acquisition. CFP prides itself on efficiency and providing the customer the satisfaction that the data has been successfully preserved. Our technicians have analyzed thousands of hard drives and other electronic media. From basic data recovery to reconstruction, CFP experts are capable of handling any type of job complexity.


& Preservation

Finding the evidence
CFP experts will help you assess your case and identify the areas of evidence that need to be preserved.


& Interpretation

What does the data mean?
CFP experts will analyze the data and help you understand the results. We will walk you through the results step by step so you understand the value of the data.


& Testimony

Next Steps
CFP experts will generate expert reports and if necessary testify to the results and procedures taken during the investigation.

Services Overview

Forensic Preservation & Data Collection
Using computer forensic standards & techniques, data is preserved in a courtroom acceptable manner. CFP has forensically imaged thousands of digital devices from standard hard drives, voice recorders, DVR systems, complex servers, smartphones plus many more device types.

Forensic Analysis
CFP experts have analyzed thousands of electronic devices. Our experts utilize industry leading software programs and cutting edge methodologies to analyze eletronic evidence and provide answers to aid in solving cases.

Expert Reporting
CFP experts have generated expert reports, affidavits and expert opinions in thousands of civil and criminal lititgations.

Expert Testimony
CFP experts have provided testimony in numerous civil and criminal cases. Additionally, CFP experts have testified in disciplinary hearings for city-goverment clients.